Does your organization represent and promote cultural awareness?

I Am Culture works with organizations around the world that have positive philanthropic missions to impact change.

If your community or college organization seeks to embrace unity, family and culture, we would like to collaborate with you and increase the cultural awareness within our communities.

I Am Culture is a global organization established to build awareness and stimulate unity among the cultures and communities of the world.

As we seek to positively impact others, I Am Culture merchandise is now made available for college and community organizations at a 30% discounted rate.

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To see the community service our “1 For All For 1®” program provides in middle schools and high schools click Here.

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State University of New York at UAlbany School Mascot co-branded with UA Multicultural Office 

UAlbany Dog

It is vital for our generation and generations coming up to understand the importance of unity.

With all that is happening in the world around us, it is easy to forget that strength and positive progression comes from being united as one.

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“Cultural differences should not separate us from each other, but rather cultural diversity brings a collective strength that can benefit all of humanity…”